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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 1, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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♪ still watching [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. a lot of commotion, shots fired. >> terror at discovery, a gun man loaded down with explosives takes hostages we're learning more about the gun man and his
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motives. as well as the amazing stories of heroism as all the occupants, young and old, are taken out of harm's way. captioned by the national captioning institute we began with the work place nightmare that played out on my tv. the target, discovery communications. a man armed with a gun and possibly explosives took hostages in a building with 1900 workers. we begin with brad bell who has been on the scene all day. >> at this hour, the police and bomb squads are still making sure to make sure that downtown silver spring is safe from what this man had with him. listen carefully, we have heard this five times tonight. [explosion] >> it was a big boom. tonight on "nightline," the what we have been told those are
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is disruptions of explosive latest on hurricane earl and the devices that this man, james discovery channel gunmen. lee, brought in to the discovery >> the redskins wrap up their communications building. we are told that a robot went preseason tomorrow night, but is in, inside the building, brought them out, and used a charge to albert haynesworth suiting up for the season opener? and the nationals fall and disrupt the device. not make the device to explode, but make it so it cannot explode, and that is done with a little bit of destination on the part of the bomb squad. tonight, it will be quite a while before they get the scene clear. this started at 1:00 this afternoon when james lee, well- known to the people at discovery as a longtime protester, showed up in the lobby. what james j. lee may not have known during his four-hour siege of the discovery channel building is that for the entire time, the police literally had him in their sights. when just before 5:00 he appeared to threaten peace hostage -- threaten a hostage,
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the police sniper pulled the trigger. them he pointed his gun at one of the hostages. it is not confirmed if he actually fired the weapon or not, but at that point, or tactical units moved in -- are tactical units moved in and shot the suspect, who is deceased. >> lee, known as a longtime protester at the discovery channel, walked into the networks lobby, firing a shot from a handgun and told the people they're not to move. he appeared to have explosives strapped to his body and carried it back pox. he kept three male hostages in the first floor lobby. an hour later, he began a cell phone conversation with the police and the rest of the building including a day care center was evacuated. many in neighboring buildings were ordered by the police to hunker down. >> it was scary. you could not leave because the police knocked on the door and
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told us we cannot leave at all. >> on the streets of silver ♪ spring, the scene grew frantic. fearing that we may designate storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. his bomb, the police cleared the down came the rain and clogged the gutter system streets to blocks around the huge discovery building. it in the end, lee was the only creating a leak in the roof. luckily, the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. casualty, his hostages and the water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. 1900 other people escaped uninjured. he got full replacement. and now owns the sleep number bed. >> thank you very much to law enforcement and montgomery county fire and rescue. his sleep number is 25. it was incredibly professional, call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. in constant communications with us. they handled themselves with complete professionalism. >> with regard to the explosive devices, we understand that lee was suspected of having several strapped to his body, as well as carrying three packages into the building. i have been told by sources that three packages were brought out of the building and were disrupted by the bomb squad, but the toyota sports desk, that does not mean the work is done. we are told it will be ours brought to you by your local
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still before the building a toyota dealers -- moving you forward. block and a half behind me down many redskins fans are for avenue is declared completely safe, and that means looking ahead to the opener downtown silver spring will be against dallas on september 12, tied up for quite some time. but is albert haynesworth? brad bell, abc 7 news. the redskins may have put him on montgomery county executive the inactive list for the season opener. ike leggett released a statement on the incident, thinking the he has had conditioning issues montgomery county police and since reporting to camp in july. commending the discovery channel he is expected to play workers on how the evacuated the extensively tomorrow night in building. arizona. he went on to say the outcome the nationals getting plenty could have been more tragic if it was not for the efforts of of trauma lately. the montgomery county police. first, stephen strasburg will we're learning more information about the suspected gunman in have tommy john surgery on this case. friday, and then they fired >> james lee railed against the commentator rob dibble. discovery channel's hayes with a separated shoulder, environmental programs before bursting into the headquarters, and we're learning more about why. dishing out payback. it was not his first time here. morgan went down with a fight, james lee protested outside of literally. the headquarters repeatedly. the clear message, behind the he was worried about the environment and overpopulation, back. morgan charges the mound. saying that discovery's programs cost more harm than good. everyone is involved. both players, ejected, the
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it was his week-long protest in nationals fall 16-10. february, 2008, that caught the in the u.s. open, venus attention of abc 7 and the police when he threw fistfuls of cash into the air and was williams gets through to the third round and andy roddick is arrested for disorderly conduct and ordered to stay 500 feet away from the headquarters as part of his probation. tied in the fourth set. >> that may be the only baseball two weeks ago, that order was fight i have seen where the lifted and today james lee punch landed. they never connect. returned. >> it is unbelievable. ♪ >> after his arrest in 2008, he told the police he lived in silver spring at a center for the homeless down the street from discovery building. he reportedly paid homeless people to join in his protest. the program's executive director said that we did not use their services, just their address -- said that james lee did not use their services, just they're dressed. >> he did not access and the other services. a m on myspace, he describes himself as an atheist who did not want kids. he said he was inspired by several environmentalists,
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including al gore. he said nothing was more important saving the lions, giraffes, tigers, elephants. the humans? the planet does not need humans. an author said he had never heard of james lee and was stunned that he advocated human sterilization, an idea that quinn said he would never support. the images of the evacuation with the most emotional part. video of infants and small ♪ children and cribs being wheeled out of the building as it was [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit broadcast nationally. rebecca cooper joins us with the and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. stories of the workers and the dedicated day care providers who mcdonald's new did all the work. strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies >> it is the kind of evacuation are 100% pure sipping fun. plan that many large businesses now have in place of hope to the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. never have to use. today, the discovery channel did. it was a carefully planned and ♪ executed evacuation the discovery channel developed in the wake of 9/11 and practices every year. the buildings p a system alerted
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employees to evacuate the building, but some employees remained trapped on upper floors through the ordeal. tonight, the vice president of discovery channel said half a dozen employees volunteered to stay behind until -- and help the police and hostage negotiators with telecommunications, floor plans, and other information >> we have security cameras all over the building, so we were able to watch it unfold in real time. it was hard to identify the hostages because they were faced down and law enforcement quickly took over the monitoring and movement of the cameras, focused on the bonds and the shooter. >> employees with children and saw the first floor day care nasty day at the beaches on center had to flee the building, some without their children. friday, not the weekend. this man leader reunited with ocean city, wind gust of 21, his 3-year-old son outside. picking up late tomorrow and am i was anxious, but they got friday. the kids out safely and in a for the beaches, the strongest very good manner. wind up thursday night and friday, could be 30-40 miles per i cannot commend them enough. hour. friday, could be 30-40 miles per hour. after that, sunshine. >> with the column in hand of
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the day care workers, they were rushed across the street to the mcdonald's and later an apartment complex. the youngest infants were literally wheeled out of the building to safety in their cribs. >> i am just nervous. my wife was at home today, and all is fine. >> behind me, the scene that brad bell described, the police still have that area cordoned off as they deal with the explosives and the detonations. there are a lot of frustrated commuters who are still coming, trying to get there, there's been trying to get their cars and other belongings. discovery communications officials tell me they will be notifying employees as quickly as possible as to whether or not they will be able to return to the building and work on time tomorrow. as for everyone else trying to get into the cordon off the area, it will be a long commute
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for some silver spring residents tried to get home. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. once the gunman was shot, the three hostages were freed. none of the men were injured. >> night, after their harrowing ordeal, their emotional reunion with loved ones. one of the freed hostages said, i want to thank the montgomery county police and all the agencies that responded today for helping insure the safety of all my colleagues at discovery communications and helping to get me and my fellow hostages out safely. >> quite a day. we have much more news to tell you about straight ahead. coming up, president obama hopes the first -- holds the first direct israeli-palestinian talks in several years. >> this is the eye of a ferocious hurricane getting stronger. i also have some reasonably good news.
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the other top story tonight, category 4 hurricane earl is heading up the atlantic. a federal disaster officials are moving in that emergency medical teams and supplies as a precaution. people are being told to rollout. jay korff has more from ocean city. >> it has been a day of evacuation's in north carolina, and the notion city, a night of uncertainty. we are on the edge of ocean city, and if we push all the way
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out, the end of the pier, there are some gentleman fishing. tomorrow, it may not be safe to do that. as the idyllic beach day comes to a close in ocean city, md., the power of hurricane earl is becoming evident. >> if it is not safe, we will head home. >> wednesday, the swimmers were told that they could only get in up to their knees because the recurrence are so strong. >> they're coming in hard. >> up and down the eastern seaboard, merchants and travelers are bracing for earl' wrath. parts of the outer banks are being evacuated. >> last night we did not worry about it. >> we are on vacation, and ruined it. >> north carolina, maryland, and
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virginia leaders have declared states of emergency. earl is expected to pass off shore but close enough to induce tropical storm force wind late thursday into friday. some hotels and ocean city are rolling storm shutters and officials are calling on drivers to steer clear. >> friday will be a lousy day to be driving around. consider arriving in ocean city after the storm passes. the most have every intention of staying through the weekend, in joining the time off, but others are reconsidering. >> if it comes in and hit us hard, we have to get out of harm's way. >> according to forecasters, the waves are coming in at about 5-7 feet as we speak. 24 hours from now, they could be coming in at 10-13. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> sounds like the worst case scenario could be averted?
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the worst case would be any direct hit, and that is looking more and more unlikely. if i were heading to the beaches, i would not be changed my plans dramatically right now. but keep informed. ocean city right now, the seas will be increasing. over the weekend, lots of sunshine, but the waves and it rip currents could be dangerous, so don't take chances. enjoy the sunshine, and after earl goes by, enjoy the beach, but be careful in the water. 84 degrees right now, high of 97. i don't think earl will be anywhere near isabel. in washington, the circulation, this is the outflow through the outer banks. the eye of the storm is about 30
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miles across, the wind at 140 m.p.h., 525 miles east southeast of cape hatteras, moving to the north northwest at 19 m.p.h. that is the reason for the warnings, and the outer banks comment on the west side, even on the fringes, they could have hurricane force wind and and tropical storm watch. that means the possibility of there could be some hurricane force wind through maryland and delaware, that is friday, early in the day, midday. everything i am saying is that earl will rapidly move off to the northeast, but it could brush cape cod. that is the reason there is a hurricane watch out. there is the eye, but look how much of the area around us is sunny and hot. in the record 90's through vermont.
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the areas that are getting the heavy seas, 32 foot seas on the east side. as long as the heart of the storm remains well off the coast, as i think it will, by 50, 100 miles, the west side, while that will get some of the impact, is more than likely to see just the fringes of its. this track is getting more and narrower, the area that will be most likely to see it. that is good news, but nonetheless it will have a nasty impact on the coast. but not in washington. overnight, tomorrow, warm, humid morning. tomorrow, another 90-degree day, the 59th 90 degree day in washington, with the .emperatures in the low 90's after that, as earl moves by, it
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will draw in the dry air and weekend looks great. lots of sunshine, light wind. heading to the beaches, friday would be the nasty day, rain showers, maybe 40 m.p.h. when that ocean city. m down.hat, things calsd, president obama says he is cautiously hopeful as he hopes to restart mideast peace talks. he met today individually with the leaders of jordan, egypt, israel, and the palestinians. face-to-face talks between israel and palestine it began thursday. two men suspected of terrorism detained in the netherlands have been freed it tonight. they were that kind on a united airlines chicago to amsterdam flight that landed monday morning. inspectors found a cellphone taped to a bible, box cutters,
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and knives in their checked luggage. there is speculation it was part of a dry run for a terror attack, but dutch prosecutors found no evidence of any wrongdoing. heated debate between mayor adrian fenty and his chief rival, councilmember vincent gray, sparring in downtown d.c. before a packed crowd made up largely of supporters. much of the focus was on the mayor, who himself conceded he is perceived as arrogant. he says he will do better. coming up, and update on the latest information from silver spring after today's hostag
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police bomb squad officers continued to search the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. the police car still have the area sealed off, officers using robots to disrupt three potentially explosive devices inside of the building. authorities continued to sweep the building and are calling it a 12-hour process. it is not clear how long georgia avenue and other streets will remain closed.
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>> for the latest on this story and al
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